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Changes and Transitions

The experience of grief in response to loss is one that is common to all people regardless of their background. The extremes of grief tend to occur when a person loses a person with whom they have had a close, meaningful relationship. Divorce, re-location, separation, the death of someone close, retrenchment and even an

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When a family member dies, you should ensure that family and friends are notified and that the religious and/or cultural customs and practices are (if the family require them) are observed. Some of the practicies for Indigenous people are described later in this section.

If it is appropriate, you may want to create an opportunity for family and

"The experience of grief in response to loss is known to all human beings, regardless of age, sex creed and culture."

(Mal McKissock, Bereavement Care Centre, Sydney.)

Grieving for the loss of someone who was close to you is a healthy experience; it is normal and part of the healing process. When people are unable to express their grief, it