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Various allowances, benefits and pensions are available from the Commonwealth Government for people who are aged or disabled. Help is also available for their full-time carers. Claims for pensions are usually made at any Centrelink office.

To be able to claim an Age Pension or other benefits, a person (except for those who are refugees) must be

The age pension is subject to an income and assets test. To qualify for the Age Pension:

  • The person must be aged 65 yars or older
  • Applicants must meet the residence requirements.
  • A person cannot receive a service pension from the Department of Veterans' Affairs and an age pension at the same time, regardless of age.

The Income Test


Deeming means that total financial investments are assessed as earning a 'deemed' rate of interest for the income test. It applies to people who receive benefits from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs. Financial investments (held in Australia or overseas) are cash, bank, building society, or credit union accounts, shares and securities; managed


In this section you will find information on; Rent Assistance, Pharmeceutical Allowance, Telephone Allowance, Remote Area Allowance, and Bereavment Payments.


This provision is to assist people with limited means who pay rent or similar payments to private landlords for accommodation. To qualify for rent assistance, a person must

Pensioner Concession Card

The Pensioner Concession Card entitles the holder to additional State-based concessions, some of which are also available to the dependents of the card holder. State-based concessions may include:

  • Reductions in property and water rates.
  • Reductions in energy bills.
  • Reduced fares on public transport.
  • Reductions on