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The role of the carer in helping an older person to adjust to the situation is one that demands patience and understanding. In time, the role may change from one of giving advice and support to physically helping with chores and the older person's daily living requirements. For someone who is in the paid workforce, with additional family


"Most people say that as you get old you have to give up things. I think you get old because you give up things."

Senator Theodore F. Green at 87 years of age.

One of the most positive ways to help older people who are experiencing difficulty with the changes to their lifestyle is to help them to see retirement and ageing as an opportunity


For a carer, especially for someone who is also in the paid workforce, time is a most precious resource. It is common to try to do too much and to feel constantly tired, or perhaps a little resentful that there is no time for yourself. Simple time management ideas can help you to take control of your time, creating opportunities for other

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Checklist 1 Things to Consider

Your Notes

  1. What Is Your Situation?
  • What are your responsibilities?
  • What is expected of


 If you (or a member of your family) are providing full-time care for an older person or someone with a disability you may be eligible for a pension, allowance or other benefits from the Australian Government. To be eligible for the Carer Payment a number of criteria must be met. For example:

  • The carer must not be employed or studying for