The Changing Demographics of Australian Society

The Australian Population is ageing – People are living longer. Growth in the number of older Australians, along with an increasing prevalence of disability, has seen many older people turn to support services for assistance. Older people (those aged 60 and over) are more likely to live alone

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A recent study by the Australian Institute of Family studies found that Australian families have changed considerably in recent decades.

One manifestation of this change is the increasing prevalence and visibility of same-sex families and partnerships. Over the past 10 years in many Australian states and territories, same-sex couples have

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I won't be old till my feet hurt and they only hurt when I don't let them dance enough, so I'll keep right on dancing"

Bill ("Bojangles") Robinson.

"I'm 70 going on 17" is a common catch cry of older people who do not really regard themselves as being old. Getting old used to begin at 60 or 65; today that is considered merely middle-aged