Staying at home has many advantages for those who are in good health and do not need constant nursing care and assistance. In today's society many community services are available to assist the older person to stay in an environment that is familiar and friendly. Providing that the home is safe and secure, it allows the person the opportunity to

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The services listed in this Tab are provided to assist older people (and those with a disability) in the community who have chosen to live at home. There may be some costs involved, but they are usually quite manageable. Topics covered include:

  • Transport,
  • Home help
  • Nursing services
  • Paramedical services
  • Food services
  • Home maintenance
  • Day

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If they choose to remain at home, older people can use a range of government funded, private or voluntary community and agency services that provide help and care. There are a range of Home care services, but many services have priority assessments and waiting lists. There is a cost for most services, but these charges are kept to a minimum and

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As a person ages, he or she may choose to review living arrangements, especially when there is a need for some level of care or social contact after the death of a partner. For others, the decision may be based on a preference to be closer to family, friends or local social activities.

Decisions about moving need to be considered in detail and